Current project

I’m working on a group of twelve or more stories, each one sparked by a friend. The working title Enigma Variations arose on discovering that each of Edward Elgar’s famous suite of short orchestral pieces was inspired by one of his friends. What better starting point?

Stories are linked by characters and by the theme of self-discovery, though not by plot.

Story titles so far:

  • 1 The Flaming Pink Sofa
  • 2 The Other Way Round
  • 3 Travels with Sophie
  • 4 The Glasshouse
  • 5 Nebuchadnezzar
  • 6 The Possibility of Being
  • 7 The Magic of Life
  • 8. I’ll Miss You, Too
  • 9. Walls Can’t Contain It
  • 10. You Can Be Whoever You Are
  • 11. The Woman Within
  • 12. The T-shirt

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