Current project

I’m working on a group of twelve or more stories, each one sparked by a friend. The working title Enigma Variations arose on discovering that each of Edward Elgar’s famous suite of short orchestral pieces was inspired by one of his friends. What better starting point?

Stories are linked by characters and by the theme of self-discovery, though not by plot.

Story titles so far:

  • 1 The Flaming Pink Sofa
  • 2 The Other Way Round
  • 3 Travels with Sophie
  • 4 The Glasshouse
  • 5 Nebuchadnezzar
  • 6 The Possibility of Being
  • 7 The Magic of Life
  • 8. I’ll Miss You, Too
  • 9. Walls Can’t Contain It
  • 10. You Can Be Whoever You Are
  • 11. The Woman Within
  • 12. The T-shirt

SMHA Writing Awards

With members of our writing group at the Scottish Mental Health Writing Awards in St. George’s Tron Church, Glasgow. Shirley Gillan (2nd R) won First, Benny Allen (3rd Rt) Third.

The winners with Ian Rankin

Poems in eurythmy*

Delighted that Nina Engelhard’s eurythmy group at the Alanus Hochschule,
Institut für Waldorfpädagogik (Steiner teachers’ training) in Mannheim, Germany, has chosen several poems from Unholy Verses, Sacred Songs to work on and possibly perform!






Former groups at West Midlands Eurythmy in Stourbridge have performed My Jaguar and Cake To Die For to international critical acclaim! Nina’s group are working with Dog n Bone Love, while individuals have chosen pieces for solo work: Silent Poem, Coordinates, I Am Word, Alone With Thee, and Eclipse. I feel really touched and honoured by this and wish them all the best of fortune.



Unholy Verses, Sacred Songs by [Howe, Mark Peter]UNHOLY VERSES, SACRED SONGS

*Eurythmy is a from of expressive movement used in performance, education and therapy. Originated by Rudolf Steiner, it is now used all over the world.


NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON and as an ebook on KOBO and KINDLE



front cover image


A collection of more than 50 comic, romantic and polemic poems, performance raps and ballads, brought together with more personal, spiritual pieces.

Themes include: Love in its many forms, Friendship, Seeking the self, Belief and Ecology.

Written while I was living in the English Black Country town of Stourbridge, and working at the specialist Glasshouse College and Glasshouse Arts Centre, the book is dedicated to that spirited, post-industrial community.






Proud to be Long-listed in the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award 2018 with Agnes. LISTEN to a chapter of the story on the FLASH FICTION PAGE  More to follow.

And LISTEN to more poems on the POETRY PAGE – Faithful, You’re Never Alone With Testosterone, and A Lovely Thing.

New audio poem

Listen to We Are Many, They Are Few, written after the Brexit vote, becoming more relevant by the day… See Poetry page.

It refers to Shelley’s poem, The Mask of Anarchy, written after a worse catastrophe, the massacre at Manchester, known as Peterloo.

shelley wwitch of atlas









Manuscript of a Shelley poem… not just me that doodles, then..